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       Huangshan Jinggong gravure plate Co. Ltd. is a Beijing Limited by Share Ltd, Mount Huangshan Yongjia kitarm Seiko plate (Group) Co. Ltd., Largan composite materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established a joint venture, specializing in the production and operation of the gravure roller, is a national high-tech enterprise. The main products are: plastic packaging, cigarette packaging, gravure gravure gravure gravure label and pharmaceutical packaging, gift paper, tipping paper printing, gravure and laser anti-counterfeit version, cots, transfer roller, bronzing board, printed circuit board etc.. In 2012 the company's new special edition project, production of wood paper, wallpaper, marble, integrated ceiling, grain, grain, Jushi technology transfer printing decorative gravure roller.
The company is located in beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, gathering of talents of the world famous tourist resort - Huangshan City Huizhou district. It is 56 kilometers away from Mount Huangshan scenic area, 11 kilometers east of the national historical and cultural city of Shexian, 16 kilometers away from Mount Huangshan city center, only 18 kilometers away from Mount Huangshan airport. More than 100 times a week flights to the country, Beijing Fuzhou, Huang Hangzhou high iron, Anhui Jiangxi railway passing through Huizhou Hangzhou Expressway and hetonghuang expressway, expressway, Jing Tun Huang Qu Nan expressway, 205 national highway intersection here, freight and passenger convenience.
The company has imported from Switzerland, the United States, Germany, Japan, Israel and other countries with the international advanced level of plate making equipment. Including Swiss MDC, American OHIO, German HELL electronic engraving machine, laser machine, Japan THINK Swiss MDC car mill, American Macintosh computer professional plate making equipment Israel scanner, CRUSE scanner, Tango Germany Italy METIS platform scanner, electronic typesetter and other international advanced. It can produce all kinds of hollow gravure printing rollers with shaft.
      The company has a high cultural quality, technical skills, unity and dedication of the staff. The existing 388 employees, more than 60% have a college education, and through strict screening into the factory, systematic and standardized training, in accordance with the requirements of customers can not only produce customized products, can design their own articles, to provide high-quality, personalized service for customers.
The company implements strict scientific production process and quality management, and with enterprise resource informatization, ERP management, so that each process processing process can be accurate to minutes. The quality control, the company strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 quality management system, the standardization and refinement of the operation process, and have launched "OEC- all-round optimization", "SOP- standard operation" and "QCC- QCC", "CTPM- Chinese full process management", "5S site management and other management activities, continuous improvement and optimization of standardization, improve the environment, improve efficiency, ensure the quality of products. Advanced production equipment, high-quality staff, perfect management system to ensure product quality and excellent service. Gravure printing roll produced by our company has the advantages of high overprint accuracy, high rate of qualified printing on a single machine, good printing quality, clear lines, good ink flow, rich color and rich layers. According to different substrates, different inks, different printing equipment and printing environment to develop special processes to achieve personalized service.
Companies adhere to the "customer first" and "customer demand is our goal" business philosophy and the "over by the quality to win the trust of customers with high quality service to meet customers at a modest price to be favored to the customers" business purposes, to provide high quality products and efficient service to customers, allow customers to win time in the mall, win benefits.
We wholeheartedly welcome businessmen and friends inquiries, patronage, we are willing to work with friends from home and abroad to work together, work together to create a better future!

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