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Employing idea
In Germany for the first person to play a specialty have both ability and political integrity
Mount Huangshan Seiko to contain the heart to create a: "as long as talent is suitable for enterprises," the new cultural mechanism. Adhere to the "discovery of talent, use, and makes the best possible use of" employment policy; adhere to the "product can make up the defects of character, can not repair the defect" administrationpersonnel; adhere to training, to Germany for the first standard assessment, selection and appointment of personnel. Character is the most important factor in Mount Huangshan Seiko recruitment and promotion of cadres, adhere to the contribution of self achievement.
Learning philosophy
Energy produces power, and vision makes the world go round
The quality of employees determines the quality of enterprises. Without high-quality staff, there will be no high-quality enterprises. With the development of economy and society, the knowledge renews rapidly, put forward higher requirements on the quality of people, only continuous learning in order to promote personal growth and innovation, only constantly improve the learning ability of the team, in order to enable individuals and enterprises to obtain sustainable development
We advocate learning, is a comprehensive system of learning, including professional skills, theoretical knowledge, and life knowledge, we believe that through individual learning, team learning, lifelong learning, improve the quality of staff and strengthen the team cooperation consciousness, and stimulate employee creativity and innovation, broaden their horizons, and to learn to the knowledge and skills into productive forces, to staff and enterprise quality leap.

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