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In January 7, 1999, Mount Huangshan Seiko gravure printing plate Co., Ltd. was founded
In July 28, 1999, the company officially put into operation
In December 2000, enterprises were identified as provincial-level high-tech enterprises in Anhui, and products were identified as provincial-level high-tech products in Anhui
The enterprise information integration system (ERP) was successfully operated in March 2002
In December 2002 through the classification society ISO9000 quality system certification
In January 2005, enterprises were identified as foreign invested advanced technology enterprises in Anhui Province
In July 2006, enterprises were identified as "manufacturing informatization demonstration enterprises" in Anhui province"
In January 28, 2007, the factory moved and expanded, and the new factory was officially opened
June 2007 laser plate making equipment to factory
In December 2008, enterprises were identified as state-level high-tech enterprises
The three phase of the expansion project was completed in October 2009
2010 07 special edition project officially launched"
In 2011 01, was named "Anhui province a tax credit unit"
In 2011 03, and Huangshan University reached a school enterprise construction agreement
In December 2012, the special edition project was completed and the trial production was started
In March 2013, enterprises were named "national contracts and keeping promises" units"

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